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Arash Hanaei

Arash Hanaei (born in 1978) After studying photography at Azad University in Tehran and acquiring in-depth knowledge of works produced during the Revelution and the Iran-Iraq War by preceding generation, he develops a practice combining several mediums and techniques. Through amateur photography or new networks for dissminating the vernacular images, he endeavours to extend the protocols and codes of the documentary tradition. The series Recreational Areas (2008) and Capital (2009) both demonstrate a productive interfrence between digital design and photographic memory. The first explores and ironic prespective on the isolation of individual and the repression of desire, whilst the second is intended as a map of the city of Tehran, questioning the transformation of public space post-war (notably the paradoxical coexistence of frescoes of martyrs and advertising slogans). his works are presented in severeal solo exhibitions.
Lives and works in Paris/France and Tehran/Iran.
Exhibitions at Ab-Anbar: