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Mira Avarzamani

Mira Avarzamani was born in Tehran, Iran in 1983. She has studied Architecture in universities in Tehran, Rasht and has also studied UE. Architettura in Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza in Italy.
She started her artistic practice with painting, but later because of her background in Architecture, she left the two-dimensional space of canvas for the three-dimensional spaces of sculpting and installation. Her art explores the politics of relationships, the role of language in human bonds, the problems of human communication and the fluid nature of the character. Her latest exhibition Jabberwocky and her latest installation Sorry My Dear Olga was specifically focused on the language, and the everlasting, inevitable deferment of meaning. Later, in her way to get rid of the complexities of the language and the misunderstanding in formation of social relations and also, consolidating a personal mental sphere, she came up with the present exhibition titled: dismantle.
Her works were part of exhibitions in Tehran, London, Brussels, Warsaw and Athens.