Carabanchel | 2016 | lithography | 26 x 21,5 cm
Me The Builder of Tower | 2014 | pencil on book cover | 61 x 43 cm
Exercise in Reproduction of Failure IIII | 2014 | pencil on paper | 32.5 x 25 cm
Untitled | 2016 | pencil on paper | 30 x 22 cm
Exercise in Reproduction of Failure IIII | 2014 | pencil on paper | 32.5 x 25 cm
Untitled | 2016 | pencil on paper | 30 x 22 cm
The Tower | 2014 | mixed media | 180 x 190 x 550 cm
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Baktash Sarang

Baktash Sarang is an interdisciplinary artist who, basically, works on human body and its connection to the habitat and the surroundings. In his artworks he makes use of different mediums, such as drawing, architecture, sculpture and most recently installation and model-making.

Born in 1981, in Tehran, he started his trainings in fine arts at IRIB art school. Later on, he received his BA degree in visual arts from Azad University of Art and Architecture in 2005, after which he moved to France, where he is currently living and working. He successfully finished his course in Metal sculpture at Haute Écoles des Arts du Rhin, HEAR, Strasbourg, in 2012, and soon after, he was selected as artist in residence at Académie des Beaux Arts, Institut de France, Fondation Dufraine, Paris, France for three years. He, then, furthered his study at Université Paris 1, pantheon-Sorbonne, Paris, France and achieved his MA in 2015. 

In recent years alongside drawings he has been working on installation projects with links to architectural issues. For his MA thesis, Tower of Silence (Tower of Babel), Sarang examined the fall of utopian projects where he took inspiration from historical Iranian towers to create the models and sculptures. This was where he took interest in architecture, interestingly, not as an architect to design buildings; he was rather keen on architecture as a form of sculpture, as a space and its connection to and impacts on human. 

In 2016, he was accepted at Casa de Velazquez as a member of French Academy in Madrid, and spent a year working on his projects. During this period, after conducting extensive research on solitary confinement cells in two different prisons in Tehran and one in Madrid, considering the phenomenology of space, he started producing models of solitary rooms to be built in meaningful locations in Iran.

The central theme of his artworks, as illustrated above, is human body, which is rather emblematic in his drawings. However, in his installations the relation to human body is more abstract; it emerges as human size and scale in the sculptures and the connection of the space, when filled by the presence of the audience, to the human body.

Baktash Sarang has held several solo exhibitions and participated in plenty of group exhibitions. His artworks has also been displayed at a number of biennales, the major ones are as listed below:

2018, La Biennale di Venezia, ”The port and the fall of Icarus”, A project for the Dutch pavilion at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition,Curated by: Hamed Khosravi, Taneha Kuzniecow Bacchin & Filippo LaFleur. Venice, Italy.

2017, Viva Vila, Curated by: Cécile debray et Federico Nicolao,  "Sensory Deprivation Series” projects, Cité internationale des arts-site de Montmartre, Paris, France.

2014, MANCHESTER ART GALLERY, The Sensory War 1914-2014, explores the responses of a range of artists over the past century to the sensory effects of warfare through a series of themes, Manchester, UK.

2013, CAB CONTEMPORARY ART CENTER, Absence, disappearance and loss of memory in the work of 12 iranian artists. Brussels, Belgium.

DRAWING NOW Paris, Le Salon de dessin contemporain, J.P.Ritsch-Fisch Galerie, Carrousel du Louvre,Paris, France.

2012, De BOND, Brugge, Belgium (“Schriftuur/Scripture”, Installation the Bookcase) – HilgerBROTKunsthalle, Vienna, Austria

(Nadour Collection hosted by Hilger Brot Kunsthalle 20 artists from the MENA).

2011, 5th International Book Festival, Barcelona, Spain (Art Book, “Garden of sick Birds”).


Solo exhibitions:

2016,Galerie Jean-François Kaiser, Series ”Contre-langage(Aql-Sorkh Sohrawardi), Corps dociles and l’Archange empourpré”Installation. Strasbourg, France

2014,Araan gallery, Series "Exercise in Reproduction of Failure I and The Tower", Tehran, Iran

2013, Araan gallery, Tehran, Iran

2012,AB Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

2004. Azad Art Gallery, Tehran , Iran