At 11:57 am Wednesday 23 October 2013

Published in conjunction with a solo exhibition by
the artist at Ab-anbar Gallery, Tehran, 2016.

“At 11:57 am Wednesday 23 October 2013”
Reza Aramesh
9 September - 6 October, 2016

Publisher: Ab-anbar Gallery, Tehran, 2016.
Introduction: Arie Amaya Akkermans
Essays: Mitra Abbaspour

Art Direction: Aria Kasaei
Book Design: Studio Kargah
Aria Kasaei + Mostafa Behzadi

Photography: Amin Matinfar

With Special Thanks to:
Andu Masebo - Studio manager
Nour Malas – Assistant
Michael Franke
Ab-Anbar Gallery
No. 2, Roshan Manesh Alley, Khaghani St., Bourbour St., South Mofatteh St., Haftetir Sq., Tehran, Iran

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