Artist Talk

Douglas Abdell

A talk exploring the work of Douglas Abdell to coincide with the exhibition presented by AB-ANBAR Gallery at Cromwell Place. Curated by Morad Montazami, Reconstructed Trap House, is a survey of 3 periods of Abdell’s practice from the past 4 decades and includes sculpture, painting and works on paper by this important American-Italian-Lebanese artist.

Douglas Abdell is a sculptor and multifaceted artist whose work since the 1970s has explored the deep bond between words, images and sound with a particular interest in ancient languages and Phoenician culture, as well as Hip-Hop culture.

Georgina Adam is a journalist and author, chair of the Membership committee at Cromwell Place. Her latest book, The Rise and Rise of the Private Art Museum, appeared on 30 September.

Morad Montazami is an art historian, a publisher and a curator. He is the director of Zamân Books & Curating, committed to transnational studies of Arab, Asian and African modernity’s.

The talk will be preceded at 2.15 pm by the 1st screening of a new documentary film about Douglas Abdell by Shiva Khosravi and Morad Montazami: DOUGLAS ABDELL. ELECTRO-MAGNETIK ARTIST

Entrance to the screening and talk is free but tickets to the talk must be pre-booked


Wed, 13 October 2021
15:00 – 16:00 BST4
Cromwell Place, Pavilion Gallery
London, SW7 2JN, United Kingdom

October 6, 2021