David Batchelor


Published in conjunction with a solo exhibition by the artist at Ab-anbar Gallery, Tehran, 2017.

Essay: Leyla Fakhr

Conversation: Andrea Schleiker

Translator and Editor: Shervin Shahamipour

 Artist's Portrait: Nicholas Sinclair

"Chromatology" Photos: Hesam Rahmani

Photo Editor: Amin Matinfar

Art Direction: Aria Kasaei

Book Design: Studio Kargah (Aria Kasaei + Mostafa Behzadi)

Print & Production: Studio 009821 

David Batchelor would like to thank: Leyla Fakhr, Namdar Shirazian, Maria Kilcoyne, Michael Leaman, Eduardo Leme, Richard Ingleby Nicholas Sinclair, Florence Ingleby, Andrea Schleiker Fiona Bradley, Elizabeth McLean, Madeleine Ruggi Lucy Dawkins and Ann Gallagher

With thanks also to Goldsmiths’ College, University of London, for their financial support.

Leyla Fakhr would like to thank: David Batchelor and everyone at Ab-Anbar in particular Yasaman Matinfar, Salman Matinfar, Mahyar Amirkhataee and Azadeh Zaferani. 

Many thanks also to Yasmin Fahr, Sylwia Serafinowicz, Jennifer Copley, Carmen Julia, Ann Gallagher 

and Darvish Fakhr. 


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