Timo Nasseri (b. 1972. Iranian - German) studied photography at the Berliner Lette-Verein and is currently based in Berlin. Nasseri is an heir to both German rationalism and oriental mysticism. His choice of material ranges from stainless steel to magnets, mirrors, ceramics and wood.

For years, his works drew inspirations from the geometry found in a diverse range of subjects, including quantum physics or the complex organic patterns found in Islamic architecture. However, Nasseri’s recent Universal Alphabet series began with a fascination for the deconstructed ‘Razzle Dazzle’ patterns deployed as camouflage on war ships in WW1. He Commented, ‘I took the original Razzle Dazzle designs and gave them back their power as demons, gods and protectors. By mirroring basic geometrical forms, suddenly you get these hybrids between an insect, a traditional mask, a demon and a totem – forms which seem to be charged with a certain mystical power.’ Featuring 750 ‘letters’ cut from metal, ‘The Order of Everything’ (2018), takes this re-invented and deconstructed alphabet of signs and signals to its most reduced and charged form.