21 May - 12 June 2015

Aria and Ab-Anbar galleries are pleased to present Bahman Mohassess in 60 Pieces of a Lost Body by one of the most influential Iranian artists, Bahman Mohassess.


This project is collaboration between Ab-Anbar and Aria gallery to present a second edition of Iranian Modern Art by focusing on some unseen works of Mohassess. Ab-Anbar and Aria Galleries had the pleasure of collaborating with Mr. Morad Montazami, curator of Tate Modern, in creating the scenario and writings of the publication.


“This exhibition and the accompanying publication constitute an archaeological study of the vestiges of Bahman Mohassess’s work at a certain point in history – spring 2015 – and in a certain place – the city of Tehran. They can be considered as one phase in a seeming endless search for his scattered and “undiscovered” works … 60 Pieces of a Lost Body is a research record, demonstrating how Bahman Mohassess’s legacy is simultaneously revealed in the gift of history and in its persistence in the present. Bahman Mohassess, known for his dreams of antiquity, shall be seen through his own love of the fragment, waste, ruins and also the erotic, the ideal, the Renaissance. Like 60 paragraphs from a short story, 60 slides from a freshly subtitled movie or 60 belongings of a wandering traveller, the exhibition unfolds the story of Bahman Mohassess in his eternal friendships, poetic equations and provocations to existence.”