Marlon De Azambuja

Marlon de Azambuja (Born in Sto. Antônio da Patrulha-RS in Brazil (1978)) is interested in architecture. Even though his work is based on photographs, drawings, installations, sculptures, performances, and collages, a commentary on the built world always emerges. With the idea of understanding our cities, he invents new ways of observing our immediate environment, sometimes with humor and poetry, but often following a well-established protocol. For example, it is with some of the basic elements making up the world of construction – bricks, a vise – that he built a brutalist city in the form of an installation; or by drawing on the industrial design of our cities that he created temporary sculptures in the public sphere with adhesive paper, annihilating the function of benches, bus shelters, and streetlamps. At other times, he employs scotch tape to point up the lines that naturally form on the ground. Compiled in series, the photographs documenting his urban interventions suggest geometrical equations governing the idea of a possible urban order – unless it is the opposite.