30 October - 26 November 2015

Ab-Anbar  is  pleased  to  present  the  solo exhibition  “Callidrawing”   by  Reza Abedini.


[Callidrawing] is a collection of eighty-nine works of art by Reza Abedini which lies somewhere between drawing and calligraphy, revealing the artist’s long-standing engagement with these two forms of art.


The word “graph” is derived from the Greek “grapho” and Latin “graphia”, implying the double meaning of devising and writing. Traces of this word can be found in autograph, lithography, and calligraphy. This same implications and double-meaning can be found in the phrase Persian Script (originally from Arabic; literally translated as “Persian Line”). In Persian, words like handwriting (literally translated as “hand line”), and parallel lines are each related to one of these definitions. In modern times, like many other issues, these definitions are either misunderstood or forgotten. This collection tries to draw attention to the forgotten side of writing and tries to reread it in some way despite its illegibility.


Abedini is one of the most renowned graphic designers post-revolution in  Iran. He is famed locally and international for his work as a graphic designer, but for this extensive solo-presentation of drawings, audiences will be acquainted with another perspective of his view and visual talent.